Impression Materials
Designation V-Sil Putty Audalin
Product Code Z 671 6301 (Green) Z 600 0000
Material Vinyl-polysiloxane Acrylic
Co-reactant / Volume ratio Z 671 6302
1:1 (base:catalyst)
Z 600 6500
3:1 (Powder:liquid)
Cure Method 7 minutes 10 minutes

Impression Materials

V-Sil™ and Audalin®

Esschem offers the ear impression taker a variety of systems to satisfy specific preferences: V-Sil vinyl-polysiloxane putty and Audalin, a powder/liquid acrylic system.

V-Sil vinyl-polysiloxane putty offers extraordinary accuracy when taking an impression of the ear. Simply combine the base and the catalyst in a one-to-one ratio. Knead the components together until a uniform color is achieved and you’re ready to take an impression. It’s available in standard and custom shades. There are no annoying tubes, fancy folds, and little or no greasy residue.

The entire mixing and impression procedure takes only six to seven minutes if conducted at 72°F. After seven minutes, the cured impression can be removed. Because of its excellent resiliency and dimensional stability, post-installation adjustments are minimized. If extended work and set times are desired, pre-chill the V-Sil. V-Sil is available in standard green or your custom color. Esschem has received a 510(k) for V-Sil Impression Putty from the FDA. This means we can make the process even easier for you.

The Esschem line of impression materials also include our economical Audalin acrylic system. Even with the introduction of easy to handle silicones, Audalin impression material remains the tested, longtime standard for many audiologists. Experienced in mixing and using this conventional, monomer-free powder and liquid system, they trust its performance and like its economy. Audalin is available clear or in your choice of colors.