P-Free Plasticized Polymer
Conventional Polymer P-Free Analog Type Recommended Monomer
Conventional Denture Base S-909 or S-910
B-031 B-316 Fast Dough / Long Work S-909 or S-910
B-174 B-318 Direct Boil / Rapid Cure P-833
C-030 C-315 Extended Work Time S-909 or S-910
H-003 H-313 Repair & Reline P-871 or P-902

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P-Free™ Plasticized Polymer for Denture Base

Synthesized using Esschem’s proprietary technology, P-Free™ Plasticized Polymers achieve high levels of performance without the use of phthalate additives. P-Free Polymer was tested at NAMSA and meets the requirements of ISO 10993-5, in vitro cytotoxicity. Designed to match their well-known counterparts, P-Free Plasticized Polymers deliver:

  • Easy working character
  • Proven handling times
  • Terrific flexural properties
  • Superior clarity following bleach test

All are available with customized pigmentation. Please contact us for additional information or samples.
P-Free is exclusively for manufacturers and/or marketers in the dental industry and is not sold to dental labs.