Tray Material Summary
System Easy Does It Light Cure
Polymer M180 M 184
Monomer P 827 P 823
Dough Time 45 sec. 45 sec.
Work Time 5-7 min. 2 min.

Ingredients for Tray Systems

Esschem offers two tray systems. Each delivers unique advantages:

The “Easy Does It™” M 180 Polymer is designed to work in a Tray Base System to produce a non-sticky, incredibly adaptable dough in about 30 seconds. As an example, when used with P 827 monomer, it minimizes fabrication work, is workable right up to the cure point and is constantly self-adhesive. Set times can be adapted to fit your customer’s requirements and a “handle” can be added at any point -without having to add monomer or mix additional resin. It is available in both our conventional range of shades and new fluorescent colors.

Formulated to be as user friendly as its chemically cured counterpart above (M 180), the “Light Curable” M 184 Polymer is designed to work in a Custom Tray System. In illustration, when combined with P 823 monomer, the resultant mix combines the familiarity of a powder/liquid system and the speed of visible light curing. A non-stick dough is rapidly formed, easily draped on the cast and is self-adhesive up to the cure point. The raw materials contains no fillers, and its non-cadmium pigmentation gives a semi-transparent final tray in blue, green, pink or yellow. The completely formed tray can be cured in a conventional light box in three minutes. The correct combination of polymer and monomer can fill the gap between regular chemically cured, highly filled custom tray systems and the more expensive preformed “composite” light cure wafers