Molded Acrylic Teeth Summary
Polymer Monomer Molecular Weight Range
E 012 S 909, S910 850,000 – 950,000
E 053 S 909, S910 700,000 – 1.300,000
E 176 S 909, S910 1,400,000 minimum (high melt)

Molded Acrylic Teeth

Our expertise is highly customized acrylics, which includes developing specialized compounds and proprietary formulations based on your requirements.

Esschem offers three polymer options for molded acrylic teeth. All yield quality results. Properties of the finished teeth may be modified by the inclusion of our D 022–a 5% allyl cross linked polymer.

While all Esschem acrylic teeth polymers perform well, one is exceptionally noteworthy:

E 176 Molded Acrylic Tooth Polymer delivers superior handling properties, increased solvent resistance and higher melt temperature. E 176 also has a significantly higher molecular weight range than standard tooth polymers. Its chemical formulation enhances both processing and finished tooth properties, including additional resistance to solvents and a higher melt temperature. It is available in custom tooth shades.