Orthodontic Resin System Summary
System Polymer Monomers
Superfine high clarity H 003 P 871, P 907
“Salt & Pepper” low slump L 004 P871, P 902, P 907
Denture Duplicating Resin Summary
Polymers Monomers
H 003 (dough technique) P 902 (standard)
H 067 (pour technique) P 907 (crosslinked)
H 181 (pour technique) ###
Mouth Protectors Summary
Polymer Monomers
Semi-rigid Soft Very Soft
L 019 S913 (heat cure) S915 (heat cure) S914 (heat cure)
S919 (self cure) S916 (self cure)
Impression Material Summary
Polymer Monomer
L 060 U 933
Characterization or Retention Bead Summary
Product Code Description Application
A 072 24/30 mesh Characterization only
A 073 30/40 mesh Characterization and retention
A 074 40/60 mesh Characterization and retention

Other Esschem Products for Dental Applications

Orthodontic Resin Systems are self-curing systems specifically formulated for fabrication of the polymeric framework which supports the active mechanics of a removable appliance. These systems are available in standard and brilliant polymer shades and tints. Tinted monomers are also available.

Denture Duplicating Resins are available in a choice of polymers and monomers ideal for a variety of applications. The options include:

Mouth Protectors— For the fabrication of custom fit mouth guards with controlled softness.

Impression Material— Used as a tissue treatment or functional impression material and as a soft denture reline.

Characterization or Retention Beads— Pre-sifted fractions are available at various meshes to assist in achieving a mottled effect in the finished denture. Another use is to provide additional retention of ceramic or plastic facings to cast metal.