Conventional Denture Base Summary
Product Code Dough Time (min.) Work Time (min.)
A 002—The Low Cost (TLC) material* 15-20 Up to 20
A 005—Fine 10-15 10-15
A 006–Superfine 8-12 8-10
B 031-Fast Dough/Long Work Polymer* 6-9 30-45
F 154–Impact Resistant Polymer (nearly double the impact strength) 5-8 10-15
Compatible Monomers: S 901 (non crosslinked), S 909 (5% crosslinked for improved solvent and craze resistance), or S 910 (7.5% crosslinked)

*Available in EISS or custom shades.

Polymers for Conventional Denture Base Systems

Conventional processing consists of compression molding an acrylic dough produced by mixing a polymer with a monomer. The typical ratio of polymer to monomer is 3:1. The standard Esschem line includes five polymer options for conventional denture base systems. Each delivers specific advantages in terms of dough and work time as well as strength.

Our A 002 Polymer is as versatile as it is cost effective, which is why we have named it The Low Cost (TLC™) Denture Base Polymer. It has been thoroughly and independently tested against the physical property denture base parameters of ISO Spec 1567 for flexural strength and modulus, water sorption and solubility. It passed easily. A 002 Polymer TLC doughs in 15 to 20 minutes and has a work time up to 20 minutes. The TLC Systems all use FDA acceptable, cadmium-free pigments, offering either the economical EISS collection or custom shading when your customers need something special.

A-005, A-006 and B-031 are available without phthalates or BPA. Click here