Direct Boil Denture Base Summary
Product Code Monomer Dough Time (min.) Work Time (min.)
B 174 Polymer* P 833 8-12 15-20
*Available in EISS or custom shades.

Polymers for Direct Boil Denture Base Systems

The B 174 Polymer for Direct Boil Denture Base system saves time and money, adapts to most processing systems and offers outstanding porosity control. It fills the bill for both modern high-tech injection machines as well as less sophisticated laboratory operations. As an illustration, when processed with P 833 monomer, it cures at 100 degrees C (direct boil) in 20 minutes—even in thick sections. Your customers needn’t worry about reverse cures or thicker than average dentures. This economical option substantially reduces the time required to process the case.

B-174 is available without phthalates or BPA. Click here