Pour System Summary
System Polymer Monomer Pour Phase (min.)
Enchanced* H 181 P 907 2-4
Amine-free* H 204 P816 2-4
*Available in EISS or custom shades.

Pour System Materials for Partial Dentures

Esschem Polymers for Pour Systems are available in three categories. Each delivers specific advantages, including:

Enhanced H 181 Pour Resin Polymer captures the desired viscosity development with the handling and processing characteristics needed to produce cast partial dentures of the highest standard. As an example, when used with P 907 monomer, H 181 cures in 20 minutes in a pressure vessel at 30 psi. The polymers are available in the economical EISS collection (see following pages) or in special shades. As always, custom modifications are part of the Esschem commitment.

Amine-free H 204 Polymer is similar in handling and performance to H 181, but our H 204 uses an entirely new catalyst to achieve a cold-curing pour acrylic system – totally free of harsh tertiary amines. In an independent test, it passed all of the following physical property requirements of ISO Spec 1567: flexural strength, flexural modulus, water sorption and water solubility. The system is non-yellowing, offering outstanding clarity and color. Available in the EISS collection or custom shades.