Repair System Summary
Polymers Notes
H 003 Superfine Standard* Designed for use with standard mixing or orthodontic spray technique
H 003 0039 High Clarity Superfine For use with P 871 monomer
H 067 Designed for use with pour technique
L 004 Designed for use with “salt and pepper” technique
*Available in EISS or custom shades.
Reline System Summary
System Polymer Monomers
Permanent hard (self cure) H 003* P 902
Temporary soft (self cure) L019 P916, P919
Temporary soft (semi-rigid) L019 S913 (heat cure)
S915 (soft)
Tissue conditioner L 060 U 933
*Available in EISS or custom shades.

Repair and Reline Polymers and Liquids

Esschem’s raw materials can be combined into self-curing systems that are ideal for making repairs and additions to denture bases.

Esschem’s offers polymers and monomers which can be used to make reline systems. As shown, various combinations of raw materials can improve the fit and comfort of a denture.

H-003 is available without phthalates or BPA. Click here